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Why Commercial Cleaning Franchises are Vital for Reopening Procedure

May 26, 2020
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We are all eager to get back to our normal routines, however, when reopening our businesses and schools, we must do so responsibly. Commercial cleaning franchises like Image One will be vital, not just for this moment in time, but for each day moving forward if we want to help businesses operate safely.

Image One is now open for franchise partners who want to bring an industry-leading commercial cleaning solution to businesses eager to reopen their doors. Let’s see why commercial cleaning franchise companies like Image One are incredibly important for our reopening procedure.

Germs, Bacteria, and Viruses Linger

What commercial property owners often fail to realize is that bacteria and germs can still hang around without their employees being there. Some dangerous microorganisms thrive in dark and cold environments. For all of our clients, reopening safely will be crucial to protecting the health of students, employees, and retail customers. Image One franchisees offer property owners a customizable plan that takes into account every detail regarding their needs. Our society will not want to walk back into the world the same exact way we left it a few months ago. Your team will be a key component to give your clients’ properties a brand-new image.

The Public’s Hesitation to Turn the Corner

It’s hard to predict how buyers’ habits and mentalities will change in the United States, however, our neighbors to the east have already seen what society looks like when you reopen your doors. As China slowly adjusted to their “new normal,” it appeared that a large part of the population felt hesitant about resuming their previous habits. It’s more likely than not that this will be the case for the public in the United States as well. It will be hard for everyone to transition back to normal after experiencing the extreme isolation of the past three months.

Commercial cleaning franchises, like Image One, will be incredibly important to reinstate that confidence. Employees will feel much better about entering their offices, and parents will feel safer about sending off their kids to schools if those facilities are being taken care of the right way.

When hiring a commercial cleaning franchise to get the job done, our clients look for a name backed by years of experience, and testimonials from satisfied customers. When you partner with Image One, you are granted access to usage of our brand name who represents just that. Our corporate team will help you prepare for your grand opening, sign cleaning providers, and hire your staff. Image One’s reputation is built off of results, which our clients will depend on once they get back to work.

Do you want to learn more about opening an Image One commercial cleaning franchise in your area? Please feel free to contact us today!

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