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How Much Does a Cleaning Franchise Cost? What Your Investment Gets You!

February 6, 2020
how much does a cleaning franchise cost

Are you interested in a franchise ownership experience, but have yet to find the ideal brand? You’ll want to find an opportunity that checks off all the necessary boxes and provides you with clear answers about the financials prior to making a decision. If you are asking yourself questions like, “How much does a cleaning franchise cost?” and “Does the investment size fit my budget?”, we’ve got you covered. Our team has broken down our total costs and what exactly franchisees get with an investment in Image One Facility Solutions. 

How Much is the Total Investment?

Every investor’s situation is unique, so the price point that we give each candidate interested in an Image One business is not limited to one number. Factors such as the area you operate in could alter the size of your investment, however, our franchisees’ total costs typically range between $59,900-$123,700. Image One franchisees are also expected to fulfill a 5-10% monthly royalty fee, which helps us improve our overall business and is used to support the entire Image One family. 

What You Get!

A Name to Operate Under: $59,900-$119,700

If you are familiar with the franchise process, then you understand the importance of the franchise fee -- every franchise opportunity encompasses this payment into their total investment. The franchise fee grants an investor usage of the franchisor’s larger brand name and training programs. Our team at Image One Facility Solutions has solidified ourselves as a premier janitorial commercial maintenance franchise in the market. Therefore, rather than operate under an independent unknown supplier name, you will be able to take advantage of decades of brand growth and awareness.

Equipment, Supplies: $3,500-$10,000

Another essential aspect of the overall franchise cost is the tools and resources your team will use on a daily basis. If you don’t have experience operating a janitorial business, then you might not know exactly what to shop for. Our cutting-edge equipment and top-of-the-line solutions are part of what makes the Image One brand stand out. In order to make your location stand out from the local competition, investing in standard Image One equipment is incredibly important.

A Franchisor You Can Count On

This part of your investment does not necessarily have a cost associated with it, because support from your franchisor is priceless. Part of what you get with Image One is a team that not only has a reputation for our cleaning techniques, but also the unwavering support we provide our franchisees. Within the first six months of your business’s grand opening, a member of our team will come by and assist you with any areas of your business that you would like to learn more about. We will continue to stay in touch with you throughout the life span of your business and help you in any way we possibly can. Business ownership at any level is a big commitment, and since we have plenty of experience building this brand, we are here to help.


If you are still left with questions on how much a cleaning franchise costs, contact a member of our team! A lot of useful information lives in our Franchise Disclosure Document, which interested investors can request prior to investment.

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