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First Time Franchisee? 4 Qualities to Look for in the Right Franchisor!

May 25, 2021
qualities to look for in the right franchisor

First-Time Franchisee? 4 Qualities to Look for in the Right Franchisor!

If you’re contemplating making a commercial cleaning franchise investment or starting a franchise business of any kind, finding the right franchisor for yourself is incredibly important. Your ideal franchisor should have goals that align with your vision and as well have the track record to back up their claims. Image One is an established franchise brand with decades of experience working with investors of all walks of life to transform their careers.


   1. Transparency

Like any type of investment, starting your own franchise is dependent on mutual trust and understanding between the franchisee and franchisor. Making a commercial cleaning franchise investment is no different; trust and transparency are pillars evident across our entire business model. Our goal is to ensure you feel confident in your commercial cleaning franchise investment by providing both a transparent discovery process and a turnkey startup process.


   2. Innovation

One of the lessons we took away from COVID-19 and the entirety of 2020 is that sometimes you need to adapt to keep your business moving in the right direction. At Image One, we believe that maintaining a strong feel for the pulse of our industry is incredibly important. Our team is continually searching for new ways to improve our business, and we pass those findings on to our franchisees.


   3. Experience

In our case, there is certainly a dual meaning when it comes to “experience.” On the franchise development side of things, offering a proven concept that sets franchisees up for long-term growth return on their commercial cleaning franchise investment is crucial. But when it comes to the services we provide, that experience is equally as important.

Image One has an established reputation as a commercial cleaning franchise offering turnkey business ownership opportunities while providing a sublime cleaning experience for our clients. Finding a franchise partner that checks all of those boxes will make your journey that much easier.



   4. Communication

We want you to feel confident about running your business, but we understand that not all of our franchisees will come on board with relevant business management experience. That's precisely why we establish a high standard regarding communication across our entire franchise system. Our proprietary communication technology, the "IntelliClean™" system, makes it easy to coordinate with clients and keep our team on the same page.


Our goal is to be the best franchisor we can be by keeping our franchisees close. Throughout the entire development process, our role is to help you best understand the next steps by being there, if need be, to answer any questions you may have about opening an Image One franchise. After all, we are the experts!


Are you interested in learning more about Image One’s commercial cleaning franchise investment? Get in touch with a member of our team today!

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