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How We Help With the Effect of Pandemic in Business

October 10, 2022
effect of pandemic in business

The negative effect of the pandemic in business has been well-documented since the emergence of COVID-19 during the past few years. As a result, many businesses today are still feeling the impact and are refusing to take the threat of coronavirus lightly, instead looking for additional expertise wherever possible.

This has led to many business owners exclusively searching for a commercial cleaning franchise professional who can handle their cleaning responsibilities on their behalf and in an efficient manner. Image One is among the best options available to business owners who can meet these criteria and protect their property from becoming a site where COVID-19 easily spreads.

At Image One, we know all about the crucial role that the sanitary conditions of a property play in a business’s ability to build and continue its positive momentum. Our expertise stems from our over three decades of experience in the commercial cleaning industry. During this time, we’ve seen a great deal of innovation and change take place, which has caused us to take the lead on behalf of our clients to ensure that their properties are not left in a vulnerable state from sanitary threats – such as the one that COVID-19 has presented since it was first recognized.

The Threat COVID-19 Presents in the Business Sector

Beyond the obvious negative health effects that come with COVID-19, the coronavirus also can be quite impactful on the productivity of a business. If COVID-19 spreads within a workplace setting, there is a high chance that it can cause those working on the property to miss valuable work time by having to take sick days. An unsanitary environment can also give businesses a negative reputation with potential customers, who won’t want to enter a facility with a high chance of experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak.

Throughout the pandemic, most business owners have recognized this and been motivated to find the best cleaning services during COVID-19. Utilizing trained cleaning professionals knowledgeable in commercial cleaning services gives the employees of a business greater peace of mind that their risk of being hit with coronavirus will be greatly diminished as they work on-site. It also helps make customers with the intent of doing business at a property feel more confident knowing the business is focused on servicing them while at the same time ensuring proper protections are in place.

Image One Franchise Disinfecting Service

Image One franchisees are uniquely positioned to make the most of these businesses in desperate need of cleaning services to combat the spread of COVID-19 at their building.

Our disinfecting service goes beyond the simple surface-level cleaning that other cleaning services are limited to providing. And with our modular training program, each of our franchisees is educated on the difference and how to best implement it on a commercial property.

We use electrostatic disinfecting spray that kills the germs that spread coronavirus and limit the chances that it can spread amongst the employees and customers in a place of business. Diminishing the opportunity for COVID-19 to infect those at a facility also lowers the pandemic’s negative effect on businesses giving them a better chance to return to the levels they were experiencing prior to the outbreak.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder Image One has become a favored choice among businesses in search of commercial cleaning needs – and a top-tier franchise opportunity for individuals who want to take control of their career path.

Contact the Image One team today to learn more information about why businesses regularly choose our disinfecting services in their fight against the spread of COVID-19! 

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