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Commercial or Residential Cleaning? Reasons why Owning a Commercial Cleaning Business is Better

January 10, 2022
Commercial cleaning business

Should You Own a Residential or Commercial Cleaning Business?

Opening your own cleaning service has emerged as a lucrative business enterprise in recent times. However, there is debate on which cleaning opportunity has more potential for aspiring small business owners: a residential or commercial cleaning business? For those still deciding between the two, this article outlines why partnering with Image One to launch your own commercial cleaning franchise location is the superior option.

Image One is equipped with the system, plan, and resources to help our franchisees, no matter what background they bring to our team. If you're unsure whether you want to start a commercial cleaning business, let us outline the ways an Image One partnership can be the most beneficial option.

Start With a Strong Foundation

The beginning of an entrepreneur’s journey can certainly seem daunting, regardless of the industry you’re in. Residential cleaning can be particularly challenging, as you’ll need to build a strong reputation from scratch in a community unfamiliar with what exactly you have to offer and your quality of work.

Commercial cleaning can be much more manageable, especially when partnering with a team of professionals with a vast supply of resources like Image One. We’ve delivered high-quality service to local communities for over three decades, gaining strong brand recognition and earning our clients’ trust.

With a residential cleaning business, you will have to identify your own janitorial equipment and products. Further, it can be difficult to standardize your inventory for all customers because the differences in cleaning needs between individual households are often greater than those between places of business. On the other hand, in partnering with Image One, you will be able to utilize effective green cleaning products that possess the versatility to service facilities in a variety of industries.

Access Resources to Elevate Your Business

One of the biggest differences in owning a residential vs. commercial cleaning business is the support entrepreneurs have behind them. A residential cleaning service can often feel like a one-person show, lacking significant support in staying ahead of industry trends and managing business operations.

The Franchisee Support Network at Image One monitors and updates our franchisees on industry trends to keep them aware of changes in the janitorial services they should offer. Our training program for franchisees allows them to learn about our business model, cleaning operations, and industry in both classroom and on-site environments. The training is conducted in a module format and allows franchisees to complete it in as little time as one week so that they can get started in the field quickly.

Anticipate and Meet Customer Needs

It can be difficult to organize customer feedback and track common themes among client evaluations when running your own residential cleaning business. With a compromised ability to keep up with customer needs, your business may struggle to adapt its practices to better service these clients.

As an Image One franchise, you’ll utilize our Intelliclean™ system, a customer service database that keeps you in touch with your clients, employees, and Image One corporate headquarters and allows visibility into every stage of a cleaning project. Clients will use the Intelliclean™ system to submit their feedback on your process and an evaluation of the final job your team has done, where you'll be able to review it as you need to. Also, you can communicate with the client to set up follow-up work and routine site inspections to maintain a healthy relationship with customers.

With our franchisee business model, Image One is eager to help entrepreneurs launch their own commercial cleaning businesses. Find out more about the process today!

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