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Why the Cleaning Industry Market Size Is Growing Today

October 3, 2022
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Most of today’s knowledgeable entrepreneurs are looking to find an opportunity to launch a business venture in a growing industry. When an entire industry is experiencing positive growth, it often means that individuals and organizations operating within the industry are the ones driving it. It could also suggest that these parties can expect to experience further growth in the near future. As recent reports show, many industries that are among the fastest-growing areas in the business world today feature organizations that put high amounts of importance on commercial cleaning services for a variety of reasons. Trained janitorial professionals, such as Image One franchisees, are well-positioned to take advantage of their growth to make the most of today’s cleaning industry market size.

Since we first opened for business over 30 years ago, Image One has experienced a significant amount of growth alongside many of our clients. During this time, we’ve witnessed plenty of change and innovation, allowing us to adapt our business model to better generate further growth opportunities and meet the needs of our commercial clients and franchisees. It’s part of the reason why we’ve been able to establish ourselves as one of the premier brands in the commercial cleaning services market.

Many Sectors Need Janitorial Services

Maintaining a sanitary workplace is a key factor in maintaining productivity for organizations of all kinds, particularly given the public health events of the past few years. For businesses to effectively draw in new employees and customers to boost their growth, they must make sure that their facility is properly sanitized. Some industries also have strict protocols that they must adhere to or risk punishment from the governance board that establishes them. All of these factors typically lead these organizations to search for a top-quality commercial cleaning franchise they can partner with.

Image One franchisees benefit from our recognized brand name and established reputation, as those in need of commercial cleaning services frequently turn to their closest Image One location. Our clients take confidence in our ability to properly sanitize their property on their behalf due to our versatile commercial cleaning services and the informative training that each Image One franchisee completes before they get started.

Our Innovative Commercial Cleaning Services Franchise Business

Some entrepreneurs might still find themselves questioning, “Is there a demand for cleaning services in the business world today?” As we noted before, the answer is undoubtedly yes, especially considering how many different industries are in need of work from janitorial professionals. Image One is yet again among the best equipped to handle these cleaning responsibilities on their behalf, given how many different types of clients with unique requirements we regularly service. With clients in the entertainment, government, education, finance, and retail industries, Image One franchisees know the unique challenges that each facility faces and how their franchise can best resolve them.

With the market size of today’s cleaning industry continuing to expand, now could be a great time to enter the industry as a cleaning franchise owner. For those looking to create a successful commercial cleaning franchise opportunity, Image One offers a versatile business with plenty of room for growth!

Contact us today to request more information regarding our commercial cleaning business and we’ll help you make the most of this growing industry with an Image One franchise of your own!

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