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How Opening Your Own Commercial Cleaning Franchise Puts You Back in Control

May 5, 2020
opening your own commercial cleaning franchise

You don’t need to create a service, invent a new product, or perfect a new business pitch in order to become a business owner. Opening your own commercial cleaning franchise makes it much easier to structure your career the way you’ve always wanted.

At Image One, we provide our franchisees with an easy-to-understand model and state-of-the-art training that provides them with the tools to grow their own commercial cleaning business. What they bring to the table is passion, not just to have a profitable business, but to invest in their dreams rather than the corporate rat race. Check out three of our major reasons for believing franchising is the best way to put yourself back in control of your career.

Control of Your Role

One of the most frustrating parts of the corporate world is the feeling that you have zero control over your future unless you just quit. We’ve all been in a job that we’ve thrown hours, days, and even spent weekends committing ourselves to without ever receiving the proper appreciation. That’s been the reality of the corporate world for decades, but it doesn’t have to be everyone’s destiny.

Image One is calling on all entrepreneurial-spirited individuals to take one step away from the corporate cycle and take another step toward the future they actually want. Opening your own commercial cleaning franchise with Image One means you call the shots. You make the decisions that matter and lead your own team. We want to empower our owners to take charge of their careers rather than watch it slowly slip away.

You Directly Benefit from Business

Let’s face it, it’s much easier to be motivated in a business when you’re financially invested. Rather than sit and watch the success of your executive superiors, if your franchise business brings in revenue, you’ll finally be the one to benefit. And by investing in a proven product or system, franchisees are investing in a service that has already produced previous demand.

If your business hits the ground running and you have accelerated well past your expected margins, franchising is perfect for investors who’d like to open up multiple streams of revenue. Multi-unit franchise ownership is becoming increasingly popular because many investors are now seeing the benefits of spreading out their capital.

Regain Balance

One of the main reasons that many people partner with a franchise like our commercial cleaning business is because they regain the work-life balance they lost in the corporate world. Think about all the time you dedicate to your job when you sign up for a nine-to-five gig. Research has shown that the average American actually commits over 40 hours a week to their work life. That’s a lot of time away from the things and people you actually care about.

Franchise owners enjoy a different lifestyle, one that doesn’t require them to constantly clock in and clock out. When you open your own commercial cleaning business with Image One, you should still expect to commit a good deal of time to your business, but for the most part you can set your own priorities. Image One franchisees enjoy greater flexibility than many corporate professionals, and can even operate the business from the comfort of their home.

Well, are you still thinking about opening your own commercial cleaning franchise? Give us a call! We want to take some time to get to know you, hear about your goals, and get you headed in the right direction.

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