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Attract Employees to Your Professional Cleaning Franchise

June 22, 2022
Professional cleaning franchise

With the state of the job market as it stands currently, many working professionals are finding that now it presents a great opportunity for them to leave their current job behind to explore new avenues. With skilled workers in high demand throughout the market, they are giving greater consideration to companies who operate within growing industries and will hire employees that can provide essential services.

One such industry that fits this description is the commercial cleaning industry, where a professional cleaning franchise like Image One will be able to bring in these leading candidates.

Image One commercial cleaning franchise stands out from other commercial and residential cleaning companies through the brand recognition and customer loyalty that we have built over the past 30+ years.

Our dedication to providing comprehensive cleaning services and setting high standards of communication with our clients is passed along to each of our franchisees. With the help of the 24/7 support line to our corporate office and the way your business will operate under our franchise business model, your Image One location will have little difficulty attracting high-quality, motivated employees.

The Evident Surging Demand in the Commercial Cleaning Franchise Industry

attract employeesIn today’s pandemic-affected world, an increasing number of business owners, their employees, and the customers doing business with them on their property have become more aware of the importance of sanitary conditions.

In the minds of employees, an unsanitary workspace can make them feel unsafe and less motivated to go into the workplace, while for customers, a place of business that appears not to be following sanitation protocols can deter them from making a purchase or hiring their services.

Along with these recent attitudes toward sanitization shaping favorable developments in the cleaning industry come individuals with cleaning experience and a passion for keeping spaces sanitary who are looking to get involved to meet the demand.

However, some will likely believe that they can do this on their own without the support of a commercial cleaning company franchise behind them. As an Image One franchisee, you can assure your employee candidates that they can count on the backing of a superior well-established brand that will offer them professional training and an array of other benefits that they would unlikely find elsewhere.

Creating a Path to Progression for Franchisees

Image One franchisees can draw upon our brand recognition to attract the type of employees that a small independent cleaning business would have trouble securing.

Through our corporate training resources, employee candidates will likely be enticed by your franchise's ability to provide access to a comprehensive commercial cleaning training program that will leave them better prepared for the cleaning challenges they’ll be expected to resolve had they chosen to go it alone.

Once employed, your professional cleaning staff will also have direct contact with the clients who hire them for janitorial jobs through our IntelliClean communication system.

This innovative system allows clients to directly contact an Image One janitorial professional working on their property and receive feedback on the work that’s being done.

Unlike other cleaning services that don't happen to have the technology, this enables your employees to make necessary adjustments in their cleaning methods and techniques in real-time, rather than having to revisit the property.

With these built-in advantages, Image One franchisees will have a much easier time attracting the best available commercial cleaning professionals to work for their cleaning franchise.

Please contact us today to discover the full benefits of becoming an Image One franchisee. Let's start the conversation!

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