Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Would you like to purchase a commercial cleaning franchise that will provide you with a consistent income? Many investors have already learned that cleaning services tend to be among the most lucrative in the franchise industry. 
If you’re tired of your job or are looking for a new way to earn a living, consider opening a commercial cleaning franchise business. There are many great advantages that come with working with Image One Facility Solutions. You can be your own boss starting today, and you’ll never look back! Some of the great benefits of owning your own commercial cleaning business include:
– The consistent income that comes from owning your own commercial cleaning franchise is definitely the number one reason why clients love Image One. Regardless of the weather or the season, businesses will need cleaning services. Your business should be able to establish a steady income stream that will allow for growth for as long as you continue to provide quality and consistent service. Continue in that trend and you will be able to add more employees, which will result in more accounts.
– Owners love the minimal overhead costs of owning their own commercial cleaning franchise. Without the need of office space, start up and maintenance costs are affordable and include equipment and supplies. These products can be stored in an off-site location where employees have access to them. Your advertising budget will also be low since many new accounts will come from referrals and word of mouth.
– Your employees will handle most of the customer interaction and as long as they are performing their duties your customers will have little reason to get in touch with you. Image One clients love that there is minimum customer interaction. 
– Due to the lack of complex overhead costs, the potential to make a large income in the commercial cleaning franchise industry is a reality. The low initial investment should not be an indication of the potential to make a lot of money. You have total control with regard to how many accounts you want to bring in, which will be determined by how many you and your employees can handle. Your profitability will depend upon your motivation and goals.
– Image One franchise owners love the flexible schedule they are able to keep. Your day will typically not start until the end of your employees’ day. You’ll be through with your duties long before most people head back home during the evening rush hour. In time, your commercial cleaning franchise could even become self sustaining.
If you’re looking for something that is truly unique and enterprising, a commercial cleaning franchise might be right for you. Consider joining the community of clients Image One has built. Image One takes great pride in helping their franchisees understand the business model and helps them launch their own business.
To learn more, visit online at or call 630-616-1010 if you have any questions. Stop working endless hours for someone else and start working smarter for yourself!