Commercial Cleaning Business

Tired of working for someone else and not getting ahead? If you’re like most people, you’d rather be able to work for yourself and build a savings account instead of living paycheck to paycheck. Image One Facility Solutions can help. You can purchase a commercial cleaning franchise business that can put you in total control of your finances.
Image One owns nearly 100 locations across the Chicago region and is expanding nationwide, looking for qualified military veterans to become franchise affiliates with the growing franchise. Military veterans are not the only ones who can take advantage of this incredible opportunity! By actively partnering with, a growing online veteran community, Image One is welcoming more and more military veterans into its system.
You can take advantage of this chance to own your own commercial cleaning business. Small and large companies alike need cleaning services throughout the US. According to an IBIS report, commercial cleaning is a $53 billion industry! There has never been a more favorable market condition to start your own cleaning franchise.
The demand for commercial cleaning service is growing nationwide. Throughout the past five years these services have seen a slow but steady increase and all signs suggest that this growth will continue. Nonresidential construction projects continue to grow and businesses of all sizes show a clear inclination toward outsourcing their cleaning to reliable companies.
You can own your own commercial cleaning business starting today and can say goodbye to working for someone else and never being able to get ahead. A commercial cleaning franchise afford an excellent opportunity to start working smarter and more profitably.
There are many benefits for a company that chooses to hire a professional cleaning service, including the savings that comes from not having to keep full-time employees on the payroll. Outsourcing also eliminates the need to purchase and store cleaning equipment and supplies. Your services will provide businesses with the benefits of sustaining zero impact on their company activities, meaning their production will increase as the result of hiring you.
If you thought that the commercial cleaning industry would not have room for another start-up franchise, think again. Finding reliable employees to hire may be your biggest challenge, as you will want to employ workers who will require advanced training, discipline and a commitment to client satisfaction. The main advantage of opening up a commercial cleaning business is that the industry is not dominated by a handful of major players who control the board. 
Since Image One has embraced franchising, start-ups can easily take advantage of their name, reputation and established knowledge to conquer their own place in the market. There is now a growing demand for cleaning services that will work to your favor as your business grows.
To learn more about Image One and about their commercial cleaning business opportunities, visit online at and read through their FAQ section. If you have questions or want to request your free franchise info kit, call 630-616-1010 and get started today on the exciting road to success.